Oct 092014

Quviq advises to use continuous integration for software development projects. Quviq has now developed QuickCheck-CI, a continuous integration system getting the best out of QuickCheck. We help you to make you go one step further, not only running all tests when you make changes to your code, but run automatically generate new tests as well.
QuickCheck-CI is free for open source projects, providing the full version of Quviq’s QuickCheck to every open source developer. Whether it is testing C code or Erlang, QuickCheck-CI helps you generate new tests at every build.

For projects with little staff and high quality demands, Quviq offers to write the QuickCheck properties as a service. Quviq help you make sure you development team gets relevant tests during their development. We co-develop properties while your team builds the software. You have a continuous feed of new tests while the development team is steaming ahead.

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