Work packages


The PROWESS project is subdivided into a number of workpackages which all contribute to the overall project goal: to strengthen the QuickCheck ecosystem in order to effectively test internet services. QuickCheck is a valuable tool in itself, but the extent of its impact in the world of internet services depends crucially depends on the availability of a number of additional components which the PROWESS project will provide:

●    methodologies for how to apply QuickCheck and property-based testing in settings where compositional modelling is key to battle system complexity, and to ease model re-use
●    algorithms and methods to test non-functional properties such as e.g. system behaviour under heavy load
●    a set of new property libraries and property-extraction tools which collectively ease the task of building new models, with an emphasis on internet services
●    techniques such as fault-injection, mutation testing and coverage metrics to ensure that test models explore the full behaviour of the system under test
●    tutorial material to cope with the challenges of modelling and testing a complex system using the above components and methodologies

The work is split into six technical work packages, each addressing the problem from a different angle, and together providing a comprehensive solution. Dissemination and project management are addressed in the seventh and eighth packages.

WP1: Dealing with scale. Build and analyse properties and models in a compositional way
WP2: Dealing with complexity of creating and understanding models
WP3: Dealing with multiplicity and evolution
WP4: Property based testing of non-functional requirements
WP5: Quality assurance in property-based testing
WP6: Industrial pilots
WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation
WP8: Project Management