The PROWESS project will deliver an integrated set of tools and methods, and during the project we will make two releases of the resulting framework. The first release will deliver the first platform for integrated property-based testing of web services. It will do this by bringing together libraries for PBT of web services, facilities making it easier for testers to write their own properties, support for composing models of larger services from models of smaller ones, initial support for comparing different implementations of the same service, a facility to assess the dependability of a web service, perhaps under stress, as well as providing users with feedback on the quality of tests.

The second release will further develop the platform for web service testing by adding facilities for testing in the absence of some services (mocking) or when implementations cannot be instrumented by providing a mechanism to extract models from existing test suites for web services, by supporting evolution of models and services, through extending robustness testing with fault injection and extending the testing platform to the cloud. The quality of the tests will be assessable through a mutation testing tool for Erlang. On project completion all the deliverables will together complete the framework for property-based testing of web services.