Mar 132014

PROWESS Midterm Review Meeting 8 May 2014 – Borås To be of value to the European software industry, the work of the prowess project needs not only to be grounded in state of the art research, but also to be tensioned by industrial practice. This will allow the techniques and tools built by the project Read more

Jan 202014

Quviq presents how QuickCheck got from invention to a product on the Hipeac conference: Second Workshop on Transfer to Industry and Start-Ups. January 21, 2014. Quviq started in 2006 from a research result at Chalmers. Eurpean and national research funding have been a strong contribution to the innovations performed at Quviq. At a workshop on Read more

Oct 232013

Watch Smother’s demo, the MC/DC style coverage tool for Erlang developed in PROWESS. Do you want to try it? Download the source code from Github and start measuring! Find more information in the documentation pages Read more

Apr 222013

Let’s make refactoring tools user extensible! Simon Thompson, Kent Abstract I will present a framework for making a refactoring tool extensible, allowing users to define refactorings from scratch using the concrete syntax of the language, as well as to describe complex refactorings in a domain-specific language for scripting. I will demonstrate the approach in practice Read more

Apr 222013

Automatic Inference of Erlang Module Behaviour R. Taylor, K. Bogdanov, and J. Derrick In proceedings of IFM 2013, Turku, Finland, June 10-14, 2013 Abstract Previous work has shown the benefits of using grammar inference techniques to infer models of software behaviour for systems whose specifications are not available. However, this inference has required considerable direction Read more