Mid-term workshop


We held a one day workshop for the PROWESS project to showcase what it has achieved, just over half way through the project. Here you can download the presentations from the workshop.

Overview of the project
John Derrick, University of Sheffield
Case study: a web service for administrating the VoDKATV platform
Miguel Á. Francisco, Interoud
Property based testing for web services: an introduction
John Hughes, Chalmers University
Inference of state machines from QuickCheck traces
Kirill Bogdanov, University of Sheffield
Automating Property-based Testing of Evolving Web Services
Huiqing Li, University of Kent and Laura Castro, University of A Coruña
Fault injection
Benjamin Vedder, SP
A Property-based Load Testing Framework
Diana Corbacho, Erlang Solutions Ltd and Clara Benac Earle, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Smother: Extended code coverage metrics for Erlang
Ramsay Taylor, University of Sheffield