University of Kent



The functional programming group at the University of Kent has had a strong reputation for more than twenty years. Interest ranges from theory and semantics to the design of novel programming frameworks, and a recent focus of work has been refactoring for functional programming languages, first with the HaRe refactorer for Haskell, and more recently in building the Wrangler refactorer for Erlang. In both cases it has been our aim to build practical tools, covering the complete language and integrated with the standard program development tools, with industrial practitioners informing the user requirements of the systems.

Wrangler is one of the ProTest tools, with support for refactoring tests and QuickCheck-related transformations. Clone detection in Wrangler was also used for property discovery from existing test suites, and we were also involved, with Chalmers, in model extraction from EUnit test suites, on which we’ll build in Prowess.

Contact: Simon Thompson