Chalmers University of Technology




The Functional Programming Group at Chalmers has a long history on research in functional programming, going back more than twenty years. They contributed heavily to the design of Haskell, the most widely used lazy functional programming language, co-chairing the committee that designed the Haskell 98 standard.
Their work in functional programming has focussed on language design, program analysis and transformation, and domain specific languages, implemented as libraries in a functional programming language. Among the domain specific languages they have developed is QuickCheck, for random property-based testing. They are strong in model checking and automatic theorem proving, and have developed prize-winning provers for propositional and first-order logic. They have applied their testing and proving methods to distributed algorithms, finding serious bugs in a number of industrial software applications.
The group has a strong relationship with industry and has a close relationship with Quviq which has developed their understanding of property-based testing in industrial practice.

Contact: John Hughes