Nov 272012

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 5th Madrid Erlounge.

When: November 27th 2012 19:15 (talk starts at 19:30)

Where: Sala de Grados (1ª planta Facultad de Informática, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) (

Who: Lars-Ake Fredlund

Lars-Ake Fredlund ( is
a lecturer and researcher at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. His
research interests include the use of formal techniques for
constructing functionally correct and secure distributed software
applications. He was awarded a PhD in 2001 from the Royal Institute of
Technology, Stockholm for his thesis “A Framework for Reasoning about
Erlang Code”. Recently Fredlund has participated in the
EU financed ProTest ( and
Prowess projects (, which both
attempt to improve testing practices in the software industry
using Erlang technology.


Lars-Ake will present Quviq QuickCheck, a testing tool created by the
company Quviq ( The main functionality of the
tool is the (random) generation of test cases from semi-formal
description of the software under test. QuickCheck has been used
extensively in industry, with very promising results. In the talk
Fredlund will give an overview of QuickCheck, including a short demo.

Besides the talk, there will be some time to discuss other topics, for
instance, the latest news from the Erlang community in Spain and
abroad, and planning further activities.

As usual, we will meet afterwards for some tapas and drinks.


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